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Akis Temperidis, professionally is a journalist and photographer, specialised in travel, motorsports and adventure activities. After a long career as a tester and writer at 4Wheels magazine of Greece, he decided to make his dream come true and travel around the world. So, project The World Offroad was born.  Addicted to nomadic life since then, Akis can't wait hitting the road again. The greek overlander now works in Italy in different projects, as a partner of the Maserati in Modena, as a photographer and pubblishist for the Tsunami Racing Team. Akis is also a freelance correspondent to the 4Tpoxoi magazine and to the most popular car website of Greece, NewsAuto.


Vula Netou was a contemporary dancer and choreographer. She worked for years in theatre and as a dance teacher. She shared the same dream with Akis and she travelled around the world for almost 4 years. When the couple was in Tanzania, managing a Safari Lodge in Saadani National Park, Vula got pregnant. She gave birth to Anastasia in 16 May 2012 and now she feels ready for the next around the world expedition. "I only need a toilet and a bed for the child", she says.

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My beloved Maasai

What TheWorldOffroad is?

We needed 1179 days through 66 countries in 5 continents to complete our trip around the world. 167.500 kms in all. It was a lifetime adventure for us and a huge media success in Greece as well as abroad. In addition to more than 1000 articles on our website, there were more than 600 printed pages related to our around the world expedition at the most popular magazines and papers in Greece, Italy, India, Australia and Peru.