The most influential and best selling car magazine in Greece has been the first and major sponsor of our expedition around the world

Everything started from this magazine that was founded in 1970 in Greece and ever since was acclaimed internationally.
Probably our expedition would never have departed and would definitely not be the same without the support of this magazine. 4TPOXOI was essential to get the sponsoring from Land Rover and Sony and provided us a decent salary that covered most of our expenses on the road.

August 2007, Mama Africa!

November 2007, Thank you Mandela!

February 2008, Drums of War

August 2008, Insallah

November 2008, Malaysia – Thailand

May 2009, Outback Australia

August 2009, Route 66

March 2010, Panamericana

June 2010, To the end of the world

June 2007, Moroccan Blues

September 2007, Contraddictions

December 2007, scent of Indian Ocean

May 2008, Middle East

September 2008, Shanti India

January 2009, Golden Triangle

March 2009, Control Alt Delete

June 2009. Australia III

October 2009, Houston we have a problem

April 2010, Equator

July 2010, The End

July 2007, Crossing Sahara

October 2007, 71 degrees to the south

January 2008, Safari rally!

July 2008, Welcome to Iran

October 2008, The Other India

December 2008, Apocalypse Now

April 2009, Australia I

July 2009, Motel California

January 2010, Viva Mexico

May 2010, Caminos de la muerte

Overlander 4WD, November 2009



Car of India magazine, September 2008