A week with IVECO Greece

Last Monday we drove our Iveco into the official workshop of Iveco Service Παυλος Ι. Κοντελλης ΑΕΒΕ in Athens and since then we sleep inside. Let us inform you that Iveco of Greece is our new sponsor! Thank you so much for this Mr. Spiros Arethas!

This is an experience that reminded us the days we had spent in a workshop in Bangkok waiting for our Land Rover’s turbo to be replaced! 

Our Iveco VM90 essentially needed a general check up and periodical service. What we experienced here is a different story. We actually followed a complete make over that goes on for five working days by an enthusiastic team of Iveco mechanics, led by chief Dimitris Giannakaras

The engine was removed, disassembled completely, checked and cleaned thoroughly. “The engine is fresh and strong, you have nothing to fear”, mechanic Elias Zapantiotis said. He fixed a small oil leak at the block sealing – this was the reason the engine had been removed. Be reminded that this vehicle had stayed still for about two years before we bought it in Italy and all these seals and tubes suffer from this. 

Various components – timing belt, manual fuel pump, radiator thermostat, alternator, starter and external belts were replaced with brand new. Today the engine is back and works great. A parallel work was done on the front suspension: in each side three ball joints and the fitting joint were replaced, brakes were controlled, cleaned and pads replaced. Clutch was perfect so only its cable was replaced for better feel. 

“It will be a completely new vehicle, much more precise and safer on the road”, mechanic Andreas Kollias said. All filters, fluids and oils were changed and we were given some basic spare parts. The accommodation by the Condellis team made us feel we have a new family in Athens and we feel so much more confident to hit the road again now. 

Thank you all so much gentlemen!