Day 38: acclimatised in Dakar

Today we did all our work in the capital and we just start to enjoy it. I was not in a good mood since yesterday, coming to Dakar. Big cities like this are difficult and pretty expensive, you Know…

Today we had to do a lot – issue visas for Burkina Faso (and Guinea?) and service the Discovery. My mood got a lot better when we met Diop – my little friend in Dakar. We drove downtown to the Sofitel Terranga hotel, where we got to know each other during my previous rally Dakar trips, and had a bit of traffic jam, but OK.

With Diop in the car delighted to see us, we drove to the Burkina Faso embassy and after an hour or so we had the passports stamped for 28.200 CFA each (45 euros). After we headed to the L’ Africain Automobiles, the official Ford dealer in Dakar, that belongs to Josef, a friend of Nicolas from Nouadhibou. Directly the chief mechanic, Mr.Eugene Nosov and his crew took care of the car. In one hour and a half the Discovery was brand new, clean like never before, with oil/filter changed and diesel & air filter inspected. At the end, they took no money from us, so we felt really obliged. Thank you very much everybody in L’ Africaine de l’ Automobile!

Right after, Diop took us at his house to introduce us to his family. He was so proud to be with us in his neighborhood and we were so honoured to meet his gentle father, his sisters and his nephews. What a great family, so proud even if poor. That was an experience we will not forget, as well, so thank you Diop! We will remember you all along our trip!_Akis Temperidis