Day 67 | 30.06.2007 | Dogon country

Truth is that heading to Dogon country, I believed I would find a civilization transformed by tourism. Locals at Bamako warned us that Dogon people care just for money, so I didn’t have the best mood going there.

After two and a half days at Dogon country I’m so happy things are not exactly like this, at least during this low season, we visited the place. What can I can say is that Dogon deserves a visit at 100%. And for sure hire a good guide to do this, like Bukary Mete’, our gentle, English speaking guide. With somebody like him, local people and chiefs of the villages accept you more easily and you can learn much more about their civilisation.

Apart this, you don’t have to pay the entrance taxes and you help the local community as well. We paid about 17.000 CFA (30 euros) per person, for two days, and in the price our overnight in Begnimato was included. Not the drinks and food though.

Dogon people we met where all very friendly and the only think they asked for, was kola nuts. Kola nuts is something like a legal drug in here. For adult only people! They get energy from chewing (and spitting) it, despite I didn’t like it at all. All chiefs that were offered by Akis with these, were pretty delighted, though. So, don’t hesitate to spend 3.000CFA (for one kilo), before driving to Dogon.

As far as our 2 days experience in the Dogon country, it’s difficult to include everything here. We met lovely people, we visited sacred places hidden on the cliff, we walked through magical Begnimato, on the cliff and spent the night there. We saw the girls of the village dancing under the almost full moon sky, late night. And we slept on the roof of a muddy little house, with a mosquito net to protect us, just that!

And the next day, after a walk to the edge of the escarpment, we walked back to the Ende village, where we had left the car. We left Boukary at Kani Kombole village and drove through the Burkina Faso border. Late night we arrived in Ouagadougou where we camped at the hospitable and very clean Hotel OK Inn, at the south outskirts of the city. So, here we are now for the weekend, before hitting the road again to Niger._Vula Netou