Everything started from there in May 2007. We travelled for almost 300 days in Africa, covered 58.000 kms and crossed 27 countries. Enjoy our diaries that tell the story of our African adventure.

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We spent almost a year in Asia, from Turkey to Iran, from Pakistan to India and Nepal and from Malaysia to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and across Sumatra in Indonesia, where our engine blew off…

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Three months, 16.000 kms on a heart – shaped route from Perth, in Western Australia, to Broom, crossing the remote Outback desert to Alice Springs, crossing more desert towards the East Coast and then down to Sydney and Melbourne.   

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We had a serious accident in the USA but still we remember the good times in the 15 months we spent in the continent, from California to Quebec, fro NY to Texas, from Mexico to Panama and from Colombia down to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego…

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Our home continent. We didn’t travel enough here because it actually felt like home. Europe was just a transit to Africa. We crossed the Mediterranean countries from Greece to Spain in April 2007 and returned from Dakar the same way in September 2010.  

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