From Balos to Elafonisi, Crete

From Elafonisi, Crete

Hello everybody from Crete! We are on the road again after an adventurous departure from Piraeus and two days of unprecedented bad weather in Chania. In total we stayed 26 hours in the ferry for a nine-hour trip, as the Coast Guard prohibited the departure of all ships from the major greek port. It was great for us as we enjoyed hot showers in the luxurious cabin and we were invited for dinner by “Elyros” captain Mr. Polomarkakis. Our trip to Chania was pretty comfortable despite the bad weather. 

We arrived in Chania Friday evening and stayed for three nights in the communal parking next to the old town. On Saturday the Venetian town was beaten hard by huge waves and local people seemed devastated as marble plates at the waterfront were broken and the place was full of mud and plastic. On Sunday, weather was finally calm and everybody got to work to bring back the town in its glory. The same evening, Chania was beautiful as ever. We made two new friends in town, Alexis, a photographer from Thessaloniki who got married and lives in Chania and George, the owner of Cretajolic, a new travel agency specialised in eco-tourism. 

We were supposed to leave the town yesterday but we needed to enjoy it a little bit more, so we were lucky to wake up this morning under a splendid sun. We took our drone for a flight around the lighthouse and then left towards Kissamos and Balos beach. This is the north-westernmost tip of Crete and one of the most iconic beaches in Greece. We drove up to a point and hiked a bit, so enjoy the pictures of the day. Later we drove to the south and tonight we wild camp with a view to another popular beach – Elafonisi. 

We travel again and it feels good!