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This is our “selfie” gallery. Hilarious, never seen before moments from out trip around the world. This is the backstage of our expedition.


Our most exciting adventures, our biggest failures, the funniest moments, all those memories will remember for ever and ever. Our “best of” gallery

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Black or white or coloured, young and old, happy or miserable, mysterious or normal. We travelled for meeting all of them and they were all the best part of our adventure


Exotic culture, peculiar habitats or just everyday moments that are part of the theatre of life around the world. We think they are the best reason to travel

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It is not just a car. It is a great 4×4 but for us it was our home, our shelter and our loyal companion for years. For the best years of our lives, actually


We’ve seen so many… So many times we felt astonished by the beauty of our planet that we preferred just watching than taking pictures. Thankfully not all the times

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Gorillas, chimpanzees and the “big five” from South Africa to Tanzania, Urangutans in Asia and whales in Patagonia. We had a genuine wildlife experience during our trip