"2007 to 2010 we travelled around the world in a Land Rover Discovery3.
In 2018 we departed for a second overland adventure with our daughter on board our 4x4 Iveco VM90 camper. Follow our dream here!"

- Vula, Anastasia and Akis -


Day 22: Morocco offroad, at last!

It’s been a long day, today, and we had the first off-road experience of our trip. From cold Midelt, we headed towards Er-Rachidia and after 90 kms. We turned right for the first coffee of the day to Rich, a – not so rich – average town of Middle Atlas. There, a local guy, Mohammed, changed our minds: “you have to go around Atlas, not from the main road, and I will come with you”. We didn’t take him with us but we used his schedule and handmade road book. Actually we headed to Imilchil – 135 km. to southwest where there is a special fiesta on September: berber women go out and choose on the market their future husbands! Late noon we arrived there and we drove up to the lakes north of the town, at 2.300 mt. altitude. Going back – after a visit to the berber manufacturers of carpets, we drove on gravel on a very rough road till Dades gorge. For 78 km. we needed nearly 4 hours! Vula was afraid for a while when there was no real road at some parts… At the magnificent gorge, where nomads can show you how they cattle, we found a Kasbah style Auberge to overnight. Today it was a great, adventurous day, by all means!_A.Temperidis   DAY SUMMARY Thursday 24/5/2007, 11:45 pm  Total km: 4.774 Day km: 390 Overnight: Kasbah de Vallee, Dades gorge, Morocco. Tip of the day: If you don’ have a gift for the children running behind your car, at least slow down and say hello. Highlight of the day; Vula sewing a carpet with berber ladies in Imilchil.

Day 1: theworldoffroad kicks off from Athens!

A common working day for anybody else, is the starting day of our dream. And it’s really special

Time is 22:04 and we are at the Ionian sea, traveling to Italy on the Superfast Ferry XI. It was around 9 am this morning that we started our trip from Thanos Iliopoulos home at Maroussi. Thanos is the photographer of 4Wheels and best friend.

After we saluted him nd his mother, Mrs. Kitsa, we went to Conergy to fit – finally – our fridge. But we found out there was no space in the car for it! After we headed to Dobby design – to fit the last two stickers on our car – for STR8 perfume and “Ethniki” Insurance – and right after we passed from Best Radio 92.6 FM. We talked with Mrs. Lina about the details of our collaboration (every Monday morning and Friday noon we will be talking live) we spoke live at Gregory Psarianos’ program and after we went to Sarantis S.A., the company that produces STR8 and sponsors us. We saluted our friend Niki Siropoulou and her partners and after we headed to Tetrakinisi MAG, to say goodbye to our friends John and Konstantina Athanasiou. The guys made a 7 page article for us in their magazine! The final meeting was at Gabletsas Roverland where we had to receive two diesel filters and say goodbye to the people who transformed a green Discovery3 in our Karibu, our beloved car. Thanks, John, Spyros, George, Panos, Athina…

Now it’s 22:26 and our car is still traveling to Italy. From the Superfast XI, good night everybody!_V.Netu



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