We would have never made it without you!

We did this together. You were next to us in every single step, long before departing. And you never let us down. In your pages is written the greatest story of our lives. In 40 episodes – sorry – issues. THANK YOU is not enough!

You provided us a great car and supported it all the way from Africa to Patagonia. We can simply say that our Discovery3 didn’t just prove an excellent 4×4 but a great companion. It is the third member of the team. Thank you Land Rover Greece!


Thanks to your masculine Eau de Cologne Akis smelled a little bit better in the tropics! You financed the trickiest part of our trip deep in Africa and you created a special STR8 package after TheWorldOffroad.

You provided us the luxury of Inmarsat and Iridium communication with the rest of the wold from the heart of Sahara desert. Thanks to you we could talk to mum and dad and upload our diaries any time, any place.


Your DSLR cameras gave us the best pictures of our lives. Your HDR cameras created the documentary of a lifetime. Your VAIO’s were our office. We still use your equipment so many years after our return home.


You worked on our car and transformed it to a proper expedition vehicle. You provided us support from wherever we called you. Thank you Spyros and all the Gabletsas team – we never felt helpless during our trip!

We met in OZ, thanks to LR and Trent Nikolic. We talked about an article or so and did a dozen in the following year – more than 110 pages and a glorious TheWorldOffroad front page – what an honour! Thanx mates!

Your mighty All Terrain were good for a trip around the world from Greece to Asia, Australia and USA! Two tyres from the initial set did more than 55.000 kms! High all-terrain grip, low noise, great durability!

You provided us third party insurance and green card for three years. When we needed your coverage in USA – for a road accident – even if formally the green card  was not valid there, you stood by us.

We had full support from the Automobile Club of Greece! We were provided with the FIA Carnet de Passage, the essential car passport, international driving licences and a personal recommendation letter by the President.


T-shirts, trousers, ski jackets, shirts, bermudas and trekking shoes. We tested your apparel all around the world at -20 degrees  on the Andes to 48 degrees in the Sahara. A young lion destroyed a pair of Akis’ technical shoes!


Your 0,4 mm transparent film protected the windows of our car from intruders – we didn’t have a single theft in our trip. The dark film on the side windows lowered the cabin interior remarkably in sunny environments.


You should have travelled with us to cover the trip with your incredible images but your assistance was precious back in Athens as well providing media liaisons that resulted in great coverage throughout our expedition.

Our TheWorldOffroad articles in your pages were always technical and full of tips – more than in the fellow 4TPOXOI magazine. What a petty that the most popular car magazine in Europe is no longer printed in greek language…

Two sets of mud terrain tyres were enough for 60.000 rough kms in Africa. On some of the most notorious roads in the world – believe it or not – we didn’t have a single puncture! Thanks to Dunlop S.A. for the replacement!

You provided us the best house of our lives, our beloved Autohome Maggiolina roof tent. We slept more than 700 nights there and we still miss it! The best place for camping equipment in Greece!

You were always enthusiastic to publish our travel stories and before we left Greece you offered us some useful 4×4 items, like sand ladders, 60 l water tank and an emergency tow strap. Thanks John!


You provided us the G9, the first ever GPS watch, for Akis and a fantastic Suunto Observer for Vula. The Vyper Dive Computer was the reason why Akis got addicted to scuba diving, starting from Malaysia.

You are the best car decal makers in Greece so you were our first choice for the decoration of our Discovery, designed by Maria Papachristou  and George – GIP21 – Panagiotou. Great work everybody!

You were our voice in Athens in the first year of our expedition in Africa. Our weekly reports to Grigoris Psarianos – the producer who subsequently turned to greek politics – were short but hilarious.

You were our voice in our hometown. Our parents and friends were all tuned on 94.5FM to get our latest updates. Thank you Stefanos and all Radio Thessaloniki producers ! Rest in peace our beloved friend Michael Fotiadis!


Vertigo Studios! We created together a great website that was ultimately followed by tens of thousand people. More than 1200 diaries, videos and tips along with a live update of our position on an interactive map.


You designed, tested and manufactured hand made shock absorbers that transformed our 3.5 ton LR to a 4×4 capable for Dakar rally. We are proud that Overfinch created a golden series based on our expedition dampers.

Our first reports from Morocco and Sahara where on your programme, a greek, even more hilarious version of Top Gear. We are sorry we didn’t get much further together, since “On Wheels” – this was the title of the programme – stopped broadcasting on ET3 a little later.


The slim, powerful solar panel you sponsored and we fitted on our roof tent was connected to an auxiliary battery and to a 12-220V inverter that provided us power to support our electronic equipment 24h/24.

Thank you all so much!