Sweet home Greece

August 15, 2018 akistemp

We decided to travel from Italy to Greece – which means from our adopted to our home country – The World Offroad way. Which means slow, very slow!

We managed to spend 11 nights all the way from Scandiano to Thessaloniki – a thousand mile route anybody else could have covered in two driving days. The secret is that we did only 5 kms on a motorway and more than 1800 kms on small, twisty roads on the Dalmatian coasts.

From Scandiano to Castelgullielmo and San Donà di Piave to Rijeka (Croazia) – Rovanjska – Gradac – Dubrovnik and at Shkoder (Albania) after having crossed Montenegro coast. After a night in a camping next to Ohrid lake (FYROM), welcome to Greece: first night in Psarades village next to Lake Prespa, then a coffee with @ManosEgglezos in Kastoria and finally off-road to Nimfaíon, Florina, Greece village.

There we were invited by Ioannis Iatridis at the traditional La Moara hotel where we met with our friends Theofilos Papavasiliou and his wife Mary – who were back in Naoussa for holidays, coming from Houston, Texas!

After a tour at the Nymfaion, Arktouros sanctuary, where Anastasia encountered an orphan bear for the first time in her life, we finally drove to Thessaloníki. And we are still around there almost disconnected from everything but our parents. Wish you great summer holidays everybody!