This is Crete!

This morning we woke up with a view to the beach of Elafonisi. We actually parked few metres from the water and this place reminded us a remote beach we had found long ago in Mozambique. Its sand is white and thin like powder. We haven’t seen something like this anywhere in Greece, it looked as if we were in Zanzibar! 

Water was crispy clear but we didn’t try to swim, as it was pretty cold. Take a look at the photo to understand the feelings we had this morning. After we collected some old plastic thrown to the beach by the Aegean winds we departed to Chania. We had to pay a visit to the doctor at the hospital because Anastasia didn’t feel good but she seems to have skipped the flu for the moment. 

Now take a look at the other photo of the day. This is the place where we wild camp tonight. Its Omalos, a mountain plain on 1250 metres altitude, only 4 kms from the entry of the famous Samaria gorge (which is closed this period) and only 40 kms from Chania. Everything is white around, the snow is fresh and thick and white and we are practically on our own in the village. 

This contrast of colours and landscapes we experienced today describes in the best possible way not only the island of Crete but Greece as a whole. Particularly during winter this contrast is even more dramatic. We could have a swim and some skiing the same day two hours apart in the same area!