Unprecedented weather

Crete is an amazing island especially wintertime. Yesterday noon we left Chania for a second time under a light rain. The same morning, weather was crisply sunny. We climbed on the slopes of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori in Greek) and descended the twisty road to Sfakia “country”. The little port felt wet and lonely, most tavernas were closed. At Faros restaurant – which was closed – we were offered a greek coffee and some precious tips during a short chat with the owner. He advised us to drive to Agios Ioannis village – which is a dead end and stay there. We did it. It was a wet and cold night we spent inside our camper. 

We woke up under continuous rainfall with our roof window leaking seriously. We wanted to walk to the “Selouda Balcony” but the weather was not appropriate for trekking. We tried to fly our drone on the iron bridge of Aradaina, which connects the rims of a  spectacular gorge but it was not possible either. Raining all the time. So we took the twisty tarmac road to the beach and – imagine what – the weather cleared again. It was pretty windy but we took the risk for a drone flight with views to the Libya sea and Gavdos island – the southernmost in Europe. For an hour it felt like springtime. After the flight we drove to Fragokastelo or Castelfranco, e delapidated Venetian castle. It was so windy there you couldn’t stand and the castle was closed. So we decided to proceed.

We drove to the east and after the Rodakino village we crossed Kotsifu gorge, under rain again. Light rain. But as soon as we crossed the narrow road passage we saw the weather getting seriously bad towards Rethimno. Black, menacing clouds promised a serious storm which arrived as soon as we arrived in town. It was so windy that we couldn’t park in the port – you felt that the waves would climb the dock and enter the town. So we found a hidden parking to survive and stayed there for the following two days! 

This was a rare weather phenomenon in Crete, which provoked unprecedented damages to the island’s infrastructure. A historic bridge was destroyed by the river’s overflow. 

We would like all our followers who took time to write us concerned about our safety. We are safe and sound and calm!