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March 13, 2019 akistemp

We spent almost a month in Crete and believe it or not it was not enough. We calculated we lost almost a week secluded in our camper for the harsh weather in Chania and Rethimno cities. But it was a great month, full of inspiring images and unforgettable encounters. So here we are in Heraklion,…

March 6, 2019 akistemp

Moites town was a great opportunity for Anastasia to meet new friends and a new teacher. Our daughter was welcome at the 2nd Primary School and attended Mme Ermioni’s – a young and forward thinking teacher – class for a single day. The same evening we stayed outside Mary’s and Zacharia’s house and we had…

March 4, 2019 akistemp

A day of contrasts. We slept at the entry of Anogeia village – famous birthplace of many Cretan revolutionaries and a single musician (Nikos Xylouris) and this morning we met with good friends from Thessaloniki. It was cold but the weather got milder as soon as we drove to Heraklion and from there to Moires,…

March 3, 2019 akistemp

Visitors can’t imagine Crete with snow. Let alone a mountain ski race, every two years on Psiloritis mountain. The event’s name is Pierra Creta.  Last Sunday we climbed to the mountain. Snow was 2 metres high, it was foggy and cold and rained frequently. But 200 participants, among them some foreigners from seven different countries,…

February 21, 2019 akistemp

This morning we woke up with a view to the beach of Elafonisi.

February 14, 2019 akistemp

We are so excited because next week we will depart for a two-month trip at the Aegean islands with the Blue Star Ferries and ANEK LINES Οfficial Fan Page ships.

February 7, 2019 akistemp

On Saturday we will wrap up our #IVECO VM90 camper with a graphic adventure designed by talented greek artist GIP21 – aka George Panagiotou.