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At SMEIA Land Rover of Casablanca, Morocco

Thank you L’Africaine de l’Automobile in Dakar!

Thank you Dunlop South Africa for the set of 4 new Cooper Tires!

You can fix anything, anywhere in Pakistan!

Changing brake pads right on the road in Nepal

New turbo at 100.000 kms

From Penang - Malaysia to Sumatra - Indonesia and back on a wooden vessel!
From Penang – Malaysia to Sumatra – Indonesia and back on a wooden vessel!

The body should be removed by a crane before replacing the engine
The car went through an inspection by the Motoring Dept. of W. Australia
The car went through an inspection by the Motoring Dept. of W. Australia

The day the “worldoffroad” stood still!

The broken screw at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

3 Jan 2007: Discovery 3 TDV6 manufactured in Solihull plant, UK. Basic spec, coil springs and manual gearbox.

3 Feb 2007: Expedition car arrives in Greece after a sponsoring agreement with KEDO S.A. – Land Rover Greece thanks to the mediation of 4TPOXOI car magazine

26 Feb 2007: Works start at Roverland Gabletsas workshop of Athens. The following expedition equipment is fitted: G4 Challenge pack (roof tent, snorkel, ARB winch), 110 lt fuel Kaymar tank, external spare wheel Kaymar carrier, heavy duty springs by King Springs, Overfinch ECU mapping (225 bhp) tested and fine tuned, Jam Sport handmade in Greece shock absorbers tested and fitted, 6 Cooper Tires fitted, Conergy solar panel and auxiliary 45 Ah battery, Maggiolina roof tent provided by Hobby Hellas Zampetas, periodical service No1 at Roverland Gabletsas.

22 Apr 2007, 7.500 km: Hydraulic clutch pedal erratic behaviour in Athens. Clutch slave cylinder replaced at Roverland Gabletsas, Athens

3 May 2007: Hydraulic clutch pedal no return symptoms in Morocco.

22 May 2007, 11.600 km: Clutch slave cylinder replaced at SMEIA workshop of Casablanca

18 Jun 2007, 17.625 km: Periodical service No2 at L’Africain Automobiles of Dakar, Senegal

4 Sep 2007, 33.699 km: Electric handbrake unit replaced at Land Rover Windhoek. Periodical service No3 (for free!) at Land Rover Windhoek

6 Sep 2007, 33.800 km: Rear Cooper tyres go flat (for camper wear) and get replaced with spares on tarmac road in Namibia

24 Sep 2007, 37.567 km: Clutch pedal breaks down outside East London, South Africa. Master cylinder delivered from Greece and replaced at LR East London.

8 Oct 2007, 38.343 km: 4 Cooper Tires provided in form of sponsoring by Dunlop S.A. in Durban

8 Nov 2007, 45.473 km: Periodical service No4 (no diesel filter) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

13 Jan 2008, 59.200 km: Electric handbrake blocked on the road to Wadi Halfa, Sudan

22 Jan 2008, 59.919 km: Front brake pads replaced on the Sahara road to Al Kharga in Egypt

4 Feb 2008, 63.000 km: Fuel system hiccups in Syria. Auxiliary fuel tank filter replaced in Damascus. Diesel filter cleaned at local workshop in Aleppo.

20 Feb 2008, 66.000 km: Periodical service No5 at Roverland Gabletsas in Athens with further repairs after the African trip. The following get replaced: clutch disc and slave cylinder, 4 brake discs and handbrake unit, front suspension links, exhaust (damaged), steering rack and pinion. Also, car is fitted with Kaymar double spare wheel holder and metal rear bumper – both sponsored by Gabletsas Roverland. Jam Sport studies and manufactures new shock absorbers with external air tank fitted. 6 x new Goodrich All Terrain 245/75-17 tyres provided by Michelin S.A.

18 Apr 2008, 71.000 km: Rear left shock absorber loses air pressure on tarmac road in Iran

30 May 2008, 78.160 km: Front left shock absorber top mount broken in NW Pakistan. Top mount fixed locally by a Pakistani mechanic for 4 euros!

1 Jun 2008, 78.525 km: Periodical service No6 at Land Rover – Islamabad. Top mount fixed and handbrake setup

4 Jun 2008, 78.944 km: Handbrake pads overheat on the road to Lahore. Handbrake setup at Sigma Motors of Lahore. Clutch master cylinder broken during testing and replaced

22 Jun 2008, 81.222 km: Jam Sport rear shock absorber shipped in New Delhi. Attempt to replace it at Mahindra but postponed.

26 Jun 2008, 82.232 km: Front disc brake pads replaced on the road to Pokhara, Nepal

22 Jul 2008, 85.076 km: Clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and handbrake unit replaced in Bombay

21 Aug 2008, 87.800 km: Rear diff leakage in southern India

24 Oct 2008, 93.845 km: Periodical Service No7 and rear break pads change in Cambodia. Oil leakage from turbo noticed

19 Nov 2008, 99.233 km: Land Rover Bangkok fails to disassemble engine turbo. Turbo ordered through Land Rover in Kuala Lumpur

23 Nov 2008, 101.626 km: Turbo unit, rear diff seal and handbrake unit replaced at Land Rover of Kuala Lumpur

22 Dec 2008, 102.783 km: Engine breaks down in Sumatra, Indonesia. Engine block cracked and oil leaked. Car pulled to safe place.

23 Dec 2008, 102.783 km: Car pulled for 200 km to Land Rover of Banda Aceh.

25 Dec 2008, 102.783 km: Car transferred to Belawan port on local camion.

30 Dec 2008, 102.783 km: Car on wooden cargo vessel from Belawan to Penang.

31 Dec 2008, 102.783 km: Discovery returned to Land Rover of Kuala Lumpur

20 Jan 2008, 102.783 km: New V6 engine delivered from GB by cargo plane under LR warrantee

12 Feb 2009, 102.783 km: Engine replacement at LR Kuala Lumpur complete together with new injectors, clutch disc, transmission axle, steering wheel column, timing belt, thermostat, water pump replacement.

5 Mar 2008, 103.703 km: driver’s door lock replaced under warrantee at Land Rover Southern of Perth – Australia

23 Mar 2009, 109.351 km: Periodical Service No1 (new engine) on the road to Alice Springs

16 Apr 2009, 115.824 km: broken rear shock absorber fixed in Brisbane

20 Apr 2009, 116.000 km: Rear door blocked lock replaced at Land Rover of Brisbane

7 May 2009, 119.931 km: Periodical Service No2 at Land Rover of Sydney. Rear differential and semi axles replaced under warrantee by LR Australia

30 June 2009, 121.187 km: front disc brake pads replaced in Flagstaff – Arizona

12 Jul 2009, 125.330 km: Michelin N.A. provides us two BF Goodrich All Terrain in Chicago and replace the old after 58.000 kms!

9 Aug 2009, 130.752 km: a RAM 1500 pick up truck crashed on the back of the Discovery on historical Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi.

14 Aug 2009, 130.752 km: accident repairs undertaken by other driver’s insurance. Car transferred to Land Rover of Houston. Works to be done at Hanley Bros Autospecialists.

4 Nov 2009, 130.752 km: car is repared for a total cost of 17k USD covered by insurance. In total, 95 components were replaced. Fuel tank electronic tilt that provoked engine safety mode fixed. 4 brand new shock absorbers provided by Jam Sport and 2 new BF Goodrich tyres provided by Michelin N.A. Periodical service No3 at Land Rover Houston.

14 Nov 2009, 130.752 km: engine turns off for fuel problems with tank at 25%. We discover that fuel tank level indicator works erratically after the Mississippi crash.

21 Jan 2010, 140.335 km: Periodical service No4 at PMG, Land Rover of Panama, including pollen filter. Castrol 15W-40 used for the first time. Engine turns to safety mode on altitude over 1500 m.

27 Feb 2010, 145.950 km: rear brake disc pads replaced in Trujillo, Peru.

4 Mar 2010, 146.553 km: periodical service No5 at Manasa, Land Rover of Lima (Peru) – sponsored! YPF 5W-30 oil used. Front brake disc pads and handbrake unit replaced but handbrake doesn’t work since, because of used disc brakes. Gearbox and diff oil filled.

2 Apr 2010, 150.751 km: oil leakage from rear shock absorbers after 1500 gravel trip in the Bolivian jungle. A strong hit on a bump in Cochabamba provokes destabilisation of rear axle.

7 Apr 2010, 151.589 km: convergence bar screw at the rear right suspension broken at salar de Uyuni. Screw welded and broken again – we continue by fixing the bar with a belt. Screw replaced in Chile.

18 Apr 2010, 153.991 km: engine ECU lamp turned on. ECU Check at Land Rover of Santiago – Chile. High pressure fuel pump replaced under LR recall. EGR valves cleaned.

5 May 2010, 157.883 km: EGR valves delivered from Santiago and replaced in Punta Arenas workshop.

11 May 2010, 158.506 km: periodical service No6 in Ushuaia. YPF 5W-30 oil used.

22 May 2010, 162.000 km: fuel leakage from injectors. Problem checked at YPF workshop – one screw was loose.

26 Aug 2010, 172.500 km: engine temperature rises near Marrakesh, Morocco. Radiator fluid leakage from EGR valves. Refilled.

15 Sep 2010, 176.500 km: Jam Sport disassembles and services shock absorbers. Rear left coil spring by King Springs is broken!

Thank you Spyros Koltsidas and all the team at Roverland Gabletsas!

Thank you Michael Kirlagitsis and all the team in Jam Sport!

The mechanic who replaced the engine in Kuala Lumpur