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buy now the most travelled Discovery3 ever !

Since November 2017 our Discovery3 is showcased in the Land Rover Koumantzias S.A. dealership of Thessaloniki. The sales department of the dealership keeps our Disco safely and will provide you further information and the possibility to test drive the car, if you are seriously interested in buying it.

The car is in excellent conditions and 99% ready to hit the road. Battery is new, engine oil and liquids are replaced and handbrake module is new but disconnected.

It needs the following minor fixes to be perfect for the road: a new rear left coil spring by King Springs (it is broken but they will provide us the set as soon as we ask), new rear disc brakes (to make the new handbrake work perfectly), two shock absorbers to hold the engine bonnet and a pair of auxiliary G4 Challenge headlights – the original were broken in Africa. The windshield has a 15 cm long crack from a flying stone in windy Patagonia. Fixable but we let it as it is for the good memory.

Since we brought back the interior to its original form after our return from RTW and the rear seats and luggage compartment   looks brand new – they actually are.  The metal lockers we used around the world are available and if the buyer asks so, we can easily fit them to bring the car in full expedition spec.

 The car is offered with all its extras, camping equipment, Waeco fridge, Maggiolina roof tent, Garmin GPS, Conergy solar panel, 12-220V inverter. A large array of brand new spare parts is available – radiator tubes, brackets, screws.

Cooper Tires (245/70-17) are currently fitted and the original 6 x BF Goodrich All Terrain (245/75-17) that travelled from Asia to Asia to America are also available for museum use only. Two of these tyres have actually circled the globe!

We can drive the car wherever in Europe with its new greek plates – we just need to issue them (half day work) from the greek tax authorities. The original XKM 2728 plates are destroyed by greek tax but we are provided by brand new plates from just for demonstration reasons.

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TheWorldOffroad exhibition in NOESIS museum of Thessaloniki, 2011

TheWorldOffroad exhibition in NOESIS museum of Thessaloniki, 2011




Car maintenance, repair jobs, damage control


A unique expedition vehicle

Hard driving on the dunes around Chinguetti, Mauritania


Milestones of a car well travelled!