Day 24: bye bye Sahara!


It was a long day yesterday. From the 240 km. off-road route we got out in the afternoon, as we arrived to Tagounite. From there we drove 25 km. south towards M’ Hamid where the tarmac ends and the dunes start. It is a Merzuga style resort but more quiet and alternative.

There, we met Ali Laghfiri and that was the reason to postpone our departure for Ouarzazate for today. Ali took us at Erg Lehoudi, guided us to the Dunes, where we made some TV filming for Epi Trochon programme, and had a nice tea accompanied a bargain of local goods, made by sahraoui nomads. As it got dark, Ali invited us to stay at his camp and have tazin together.

So we spent one more night in Sahara, laying on blankets over the sand, drinking tea and talking with a new good, 22years old friend of the sahraoui tribe. The tazin was served as the friends of Ali where playing Sahara blues. It was the best we could have in the desert even if with Vula we were so tired that couldn’ t really enjoy this unique night. Insallah, next time, as Ali says…

Today, after a morning tea at Ali’s home, we had to hit the tarmac road again to Ouarzazate. What a petty, to leave behind a place like this and it’s people. In anyway, the good news is that tonight we are going to to be in a town, developed thanks to the nearby Hollywood studios. It’s not uncommon to meet Brad Pit in Ouarzazate, having dinner at Chez Dimitri, the famous restaurant that a greek made in 1928 and today his son Petros, runs. But more for Chez Dimitri, tomorrow as long as we travel to Marrakesh…_A.Temperidis



Monday  28/5/2007, 6:20 pm
Total km: 5.694
Day km: 249
Overnight: Ouarzazate Camping, Morocco,
Tip of the day: you want to have a real Sahara taste in Morocco? Send an e-mail now to Ali Saghfiri ( and write him that you are friends of Akis and Vula, the Greeks… Highlight of the day: morning tea at Ali’s house.