Day 32: forgotten in Chinguetti

Forgive us for not moving today but here it’s like the end of the world. A wonderful end. Except the two radio connection with Best Radio and Radio Thessaloniki today, we did almost nothing here in Chinguetti.

But what do I say? We visited the library with the Islamic manuscripts of the 11th-13th century A.D. and listened Ahmed, our guide, talking about the history of his village that was once a glorious crossroad for camel caravans, carrying salt from thousands kilometres away all over northern Africa. Chinguetti was actually the name of this country then.

Mauritania is a name inspired by a French, in 1905. At noon it was so hot here that we could do nothing more than relax under the tree with the Discovery but as soon the sun came down, we started playing, shooting photos and organising even a dragster sand races with both Land Rovers; Who is the fastest in 1st low gear with us walking by? The Discovery! After sunset, on the “oued”, a river, we stuck trying to find a place to overnight. But it’s OK. Now we are no more hungry thanks to the risotto with tuna and cumin that Vula prepared and we are ready to sleep. Tomorrow we depart for Nouakchott and Senegal._A.Temperidis


Friday 8/6/2007
Total km.: 8.698
Day km.: 21
Tip of the day: For a genuine Sahara experience, come to Chinguetti and ask for Ahmed at the Sahara restaurant.
Highlight of the day: the siesta under the trees.